Selling A Home In The Berkshires

Over the last couple of years staging your home for sale has become a necessary part of  Selling A Home and marketing  a property.

With the advent and expansion of online marketing, home buyers begin their search on the internet. Therefore it is a must for every home to look its best.

Photos seen on real estate websites are what introduce a prospective buyer to a property.  After the home buyer looks through hundreds, and sometimes thousands of photos, they begin to narrow down their search well before they even get to a properties front door.

It has been proven that most home buyers make their decision to either look inside a house or pass it up based on the homes “curb appeal”..

While Home Staging prepares the interior of a home to better compete in the marketplace, the concept of Curb Appeal stages the exterior of a property with that same goal in mind. The attractiveness of a property and the extent to which it is appealing to the eyes, is how the buyer will determine whether a property has more or less curb appeal.  Your goal as the home seller is to create an appealing view of your property from the road.  When a buyer either passes by to check out the house and location, or drives up for a showing, help increase their interest and desire to explore the interior of your home.

As with much else in life it is sometimes difficult to evaluate things the way an outsider would. In this case it is the home buyer. You as the home owner/seller have become visually comfortable with the way your home and property look, and can no longer be objective to it’s faults.  The best thing you can do is to stop thinking of your house as a home, and begin to think about your house as a commodity, that you want to sell for as much money as possible, in the shortest amount of time.

Here are some suggestions and tips for curb appeal.

Selling A Home is serious business, but it also could be fun, here is an exercise,  pretend you are the home buyer, the next time you drive back to your home park across the street, get out of your car and start approaching your house, is it neat and tidy. Begin to think about how you can improve its appearance, take notes, and photos as you are approaching, download the photos to your computer and begin to analyze the photos. First in color, then in black & white, color can distract your eye. Continue to make your list, start with the clean up and repair chores first.  If you have mildew and mold on your house, entryway, and driveway kill it.  Look out for any cracks or loose stone and repair them. Wash your windows, clean your gutters, put away all your unnecessary implements such as garden tools.  Pressure wash the siding, and decking.  Trim any tree trunks that are touching your house,  trim any overgrown foliage that is impairing the view of the house. Rake and dispose of leaves, mow the lawn, remove weeds, and remove any vegetation growing between your stone work. Put down fresh mulch in your beds it is always a great pick me up.

Sometimes it is a good idea to add new plantings, but in many cases it is just as important to remove plantings that may be obscuring the good features of your home. Most buyers can not visualize, and if the first impression is not good, they will not ask to see the interior of the house.  That said the buyers who can visualize and know they will be making the changes will want a considerable discount to compensate for the work they will have done.

Here are a few more Selling A Home tips that will definitely make your house stand out.  A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for a dingy house, get ideas by driving around your neighborhood and seeing what color schemes look appealing, or hire a home stager/designer to give you some color suggestions.  Install an exciting front door, if you cannot budget for that, a coat of paint and new doorknob and hardware will perk things up. Add new exterior lighting, keeping in mind to co-ordinate lighting with theme and mood of your home. The addition of urns of fresh flowers and greens, a seasonal wreath are all always welcoming touches to the buyer, and adds to the positive expectation of what is to follow..

image 1 & 2 via ivillage home inspriation gallery

image 3 via architectural digest

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