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Great Barrington Ma. Real Estate -The  last time Berkshire Country Homes blogged about kitchens we focused our staging tips on countertops, and their importance in the mind of the home buyer.

This time we will focus our emphasis on floors, walls and appliances.

Whether you have hardwood floors, linoleum, or tiles, worn or outdated flooring will have an impact on the perceived value. Again since the kitchen is the room that brings the highest return on investment all areas create value in the home buyers mind.

Great Barrington Ma Real Estate has many older homes, many have hardwood floors in the kitchen.  If you have wood floors that are showing their age, give them a visual lift by having them stripped and resealed, you can also change the cast of the wood, so that it could visually co-ordinate with your cabinetry, counter tops and the overall look of the space.

Tiles are another flooring  we see alot of in the homes for sale in Great Barrington Real Estate . If the tiles are  not consistent through out, you can replace damaged ones and grout with a color that matches the existing grout color.  If you decide to replace tiles all together go for the largest ones that fit the scale of your kitchen and if possible lay on the diagonal which will help add an expansive element to the room.

Whatever you do don’t add any throw or scatter rugs, even in front the the sink, this will shrink the space, which is  the opposite effect of what we want to create.

Moving up to the walls, I know that if you have been reading any of the staging articles we have been writing, there is a common mantra at Berkshire Country Homes, it is neutral walls.  Please remember that being safe is better then having the home buyer distracted by a color that they don’t relate to. That is especially true of wallpaper.   Wallpaper is very taste specific, this includes borders as well.  If you are a wallpaper lover and have wallpaper in your kitchen i am sure you remember all the time you probably spent looking through wallpaper books to find just the right pattern to reflect your style and personality.  Especially here in the Berkshires so many older houses that i go into have wallpaper with country motifs.  Which is good  if you love wallpaper  and you are decorating it for your lifestyle, but  when trying to help a home buyer  imagine their things in your kitchen, we don’t want to make the job more difficult with a style specific motif that could be distracting.  A warm neutral palette will be best in this scenario.

Removing wallpaper is time consuming, but it isn’t a difficult job and is one that you and your family can share together.  If you rent a steamer that will make the job go a lot faster. Trust me it is worth the effort, it is an immediate update especially if you have had the wallpaper up for a while and the pattern is outdated.

Lighting is an easy and inexpensive update, if your kitchen light fixtures are dated or have lots of color or motifs, best to change them to something simpler and more universal.  That goes for hanging lamps, chandeliers, or wall sconces. Replacing light fixtures does not have to be an expensive proposition.  You can find some nice fixtures within the $100-$200 range that will give an instant uplift. There are stores in the Berkshires that specialize in lighting, as well as the  major discounters like home depot, wal mart. If you like shopping online  there are a few great websites that have good product at reasonably prices.

The refrigerator is the largest appliance in the kitchen and therefore attracts a lot of attention. We want it to make the best impression. If you tend to display your children’s artwork, are a collector of magnets, or like to post family photos, calendars, etc. remove them all.  Then clean with a good cleaning spray so that all those pesky little fingerprints are gone and your refrigerator shines. Make sure that the stove and other appliances are in good working condition.  Refrigerators, and stoves should be in keeping with the price of the house and the neighborhood you live in.  If you choose to keep your stove make sure that it is very clean, sparkling inside and out.  I can’t tell you how many home buyers we show properties to that when they get into the kitchen they open the oven door.  If the burner rims of your stove are spotted and stained replace them, If your burners and grates need refreshing, you can get all sorts of replacement parts at your local hardware store.

Now that your kitchen is clean and decluttered, we are ready to talk about adding style.  Next time tips on  kitchen accessorizing.

If you are interested in selling your Home or Real Estate, and live  in Great Barrington Ma or any of the other Berkshire Towns, Berkshire Country Homes would be glad to get you started in the selling process by giving you a complimentary staging consultation.

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