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The Berkshires – 9 Best Places To Ski


Things To Do In The Berkshires – Skiing At Butternut


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The Berkshires: 10 Ways To Have Fun This Winter

The weather outside is frosty in the Berkshires – Here are 10 way to have fun this chilly winter.


100_1737 A1. Build a snowman

2.  Go Sledding

3. Make a pot of mulled wine or  spiced cider

4. Hit the slopes

5. Wear fuzzy slippers at home

6. Cozy up by the fireplace

7. Pop a bottle of champagne

8. Go ice skating

9.  Throw a Super Bowl party

10. Wear flannel PJ’S


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Berkshire Real Estate – Gardens & Garden Tours

For Berkshire Real Estate Call 413 717-0773One good thing about all the rain we have had this year in the Berkshires is that our gardens should be very lush.

I live in Great Barrington, Ma. and i can see from my own gardens that the blooms this season are full with what looks like rich color. As far as the effect on Berkshire Real Estate Sales, beautiful well maintained landscaping and gardens are eye candy. They help to create those magic words Curb Appeal.

For Berkshire  visitors, Second Home Owners and year round residents  the Lenox Garden Clubs annual tour " Hidden Treasures of The Berkshires" will be July 9th.

Six gardens will be open in Richmond & Stockbridge, Ma.

If you live in a different part of the country or are traveling this summer the following article provides a comprehensive list of garden  tours throughout the country.

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Berkshire Real Estate – Why A Second Home Here?

I routinely work with out of state buyers from NY, CT, NJ and FL. who are interested in purchasing Second Homes here in The Berkshires, Ma.  They want to have a home  in The Berkshires because it is  a four season area.

They like communities that have the cultural, and outdoor activities that Berkshire County offer.  In the spring and summer when they come to town they like the idea of having a lot of lakes to choose from for swimming, boating, fishing plus many trails for hiking, and cycling.

Culturally speaking The Berkshires, Ma. is known as the summer cultural center for Music, Theatre, Dance with Tanglewood, Barrington Stage, and Jacobs Pillow taking the lead of the many performing companies. Summers spent in The Berkshires taking in the fresh air, and awesome mountain views have been well known for over a century. Continue Reading

Berkshire Real Estate – Second Home Options

I was just reading about an interesting concept for Second Home Owners.  It is called 3RD HOME. A company that was created to fill the needs of  second home owners to find a safe, fun and trustworthy way to “expand” the use of their second homes.
Sometimes home owners are too busy to visit their vacation homes or simply want a different getaway experience. 3RD HOME provides a solution. Members’ second homes provide more access and value than they ever imagined.
3RD HOME members can reserve a second home any time – anywhere around the world. Home owners in different markets are linked on a single website. Members simply go online, browse, click and instantly reserve their vacations of a lifetime in a variety of settings around the globe. An interactive site allows members to set alerts and connect with other members to plan their getaways.


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Gov. Patrick & Berkshire County


farm in richmond
Image via Wikipedia


In this article Gov. Patrick talks about what it is about the Berkshires that he loves especially as compared to where

he grew up in Chicago. 

Looking forward to a weekend at his Berkshire County home in Richmond, Patrick said the key to his affinity for the

region can be found in his life story. "Berkshire County is the confluence for me of a number of different strands in my life,"

"I talk up the Berkshires every chance I get, Patrick said.

Click on the link for his full comments about why he loves the berkshires
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West Stockbridge, Ma Real Estate For Sale



W.Stockbridge, Ma. – Vista Hill is an architecturally designed property that captures Mountain Views from every room. Spacious common rooms, soaring ceilings, great flow, inspiring gourmet kitchen, sensational dining room with bamboo ceiling. A Wrap around deck, infinity pool, large screened porch, master suite w/his & her bath, 5 additional bedrooms, game room, and 4 1/2 baths complete this multi level property located on one of the most scenic roads in West Stockbridge, Ma.
Located near the towns of West Stockbridge, Lenox  and Great Barrington, with Fine Dining, Theatre, Dance Tanglewood, Shakespeare & Co, Edith Wharton Home and all Berkshire Attractions.  $2,300,000

This magnificent property is also being made available for Summer/Vacation Rental.


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Berkshire Real Estate: Fireplaces & Green Building

Wood-burning fireplace with burning log.
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I was just reading this article in the NYTimes that i would like to share with Berkshire Home Buyers and Owners

It appears as if  “Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire” and all the Romantic notions and Imagery of sitting by the fireplace on a cold wintry Berkshire evening is becoming politically incorrect in the environmentally sensitive Green Building Community.

According to Diane Baileya senior scientist with the Natural Resources Defense Council in San Francisco.  “The smoke from a fire smells very nice,”   “But it can cause a lot of harm.” The tiny particles, she said, “can cause inflammation and illness, and can cross into the bloodstream, triggering heart attacks” as well as worsening other conditions.

And last fall, an article on the Web site, “Cozy Winter Fires — Carbon Impact,” called wood-burning fires “a direct pollutant to you, your family and your community.”

The alternate position expressed by Stephen Sears, vice president of marketing for the Brick Industry Association voices his opinion which is shared by some others, that  most fireplaces are used far too infrequently to cause any real damage to the environment.

Here in the Berkshires with snowy cold winters, many of my clients,  some of who are second home buyers want  to have a fireplace, and sometimes more then one.  If you are looking at homes for sale in the Berkshires  and want a wood burning fireplace, and are eco sensitive, experts say, there are several ways to make it more environmentally friendly,  including using an energy-efficient wood or pellet stove certified by the Environmental Protection Agency or retrofitting a fireplace with an insert that fits into the mouth of a fireplace and enables it to heat more efficiently.

The article also gets into the the impact of cutting down trees vs. imported oil.  Many inthe green movement only use seasoned wood from trees that have naturally fallen down on either their property or a neighboring one.

It is an interesting debate.  I look forward to seeing how this eco trend impacts home buyer preferences in the Berkshire Real Estate market.

Here is the Link to the Article.

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Living In The Berkshires – Holiday Entertaining And Safety

The Berkshires is well known to be a wonderful place to spend the holidays. Lenox, Stockbridge, and Great Barrington are some of the favorite towns to buy a Second Home or Vacation in.  The desire to create a  Norman Rockwell Christmas is hard to resist. Whether you are vacationing, visiting friends, a  full time resident or a berskhire second homeowner we increase our holiday entertaining schedule  by inviting family and friends to partake with us  in The Berkshire Holiday Spirit.  With that we also increase our risks.

The U.S. Fire Administration says, that there are more than double the number of open-flame fires on Christmas Day as on any other average day, and on New Year’s Day there are twice as many as that.  Some of the main causes are the additional cooking we do, the romantic lure and warmth of the fireplace, the glow of candles, christmas trees, additional lights, and children playing with matches.
This article from the National Association of Realtors gives you several great safety tips on how to reduce your fire risks. By following these tips you will create a safer environment , and  enjoy The Holidays in the Berkshires.
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