Building In The Berkshires – Smaller Homes Are In Vogue

When working with home buyers who contact Berkshire Country Homes to help them find land to build a home.  I  am finding that some of my clients who are interested in building a second home in the Berkshires,  are discussing building a more compact home.  It could be economics, or is the general population adapting to a green, and sustainable consciousness?  Building smaller is the natural progression of this way of thinking.  In any event  home buyers are thinking that they may not need a bathroom large enough for the whole family and neighbors to take a shower in all at the same time.  Along with this Berkshire buyers are also asking for  multi purpose rooms rather then wanting a designated room for media,and another for playing games such as pool.

Statistically the census bureau has found that the size of homes have shrunk from a high of 2300sq ft. in the early part of the decade to 2135 sq ft in 2009.

It looks like the era of the Mc Mansion is finally over.

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