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When Berkshire Country Homes, LLC lists a property For Sale, one of the first things we discuss with our clients is a marketing plan. We believe that Staging is an integral part of marketing  Homes For Sale in the Berkshires, as well as any of today’s competitive Real Estate markets.  In this post we will begin to discuss how to go about getting your Home For Sale ready for staging,focusing our attention in this article on the preparation of the Living Room

The Living Room is generally seen from the entryway. Depending on when your home was built, you may have a living room, a family room or in many newer homes a great  room. In any case it is the room you live in.

When preparing your Home For Sale, the living room is probably the one room where the home sellers personal taste is most abundant, it is the room where you and your family congregate, watch TV, entertain, play games, and therefore it is one of the most difficult rooms to detach ones own personal taste from. You have been surrounded by all the things you love and treasure; your family photos, your souvenirs, books and trophy’s.  Now, combine that with happy family memories. You may find yourself having some resistance to packing most of your treasures away. Take a deep breath, comfort yourself,  knowing that you will be seeing them all again when you unpack in your new surroundings.

I always recommend to  my Berkshire County clients to  start the staging of their living room by removing everything, furniture, rugs, art, and wall hangings. What you want to be looking at is an entirely empty space.  The best way to approach this is to find an area that you can temporarily place your furnishings in. You might want to think of it as your prop room.  The area should be large enough so that you can also start to sort through and pack your treasures. In the meantime as you are removing your upholstered pieces please note if there are any stains, rips or tears on the fabric.  If steam cleaning does not remove the stains and any rips are not easily repairable, you will need to either slipcover your furniture or rent new upholstered pieces.  Steam clean your upholstery whether stained or not, because so much family time is spent in the living room odors seep into the textiles, and steam cleaning is the best way to remove any accumulated odors.  To properly Stage your Living Room,  you will probably not be returning all your furnishings.  Therefore it would be best to consider renting a portable pod that you can temporarily use to store your furniture and boxes until you move, or as an alternative neatly place them in either your garage or basement.

Now that your space is clear, you can begin to evaluate what shape your room is in.

In future Blogs we will take you through a step by step process and give you tips on how to stage your Living Room for the maximum Home Selling effect.

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