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I recently was working with a homebuyer who had allergy issues and was vey concerned about home air pollution.  This got  me thinking about some of the ways in which home air pollutants  can be reduced.

If  either you or someone in your family suffer from allergies or are sensitive to  environmental issues, there are several ways you can address your concerns.  By replaceing carpet with hardwood floors and using wool bedding  helps reduce dust mite issues.  Mold and mildew in your bathroom  are generally caused by humidity, something as simple as a towel warmer will help with this, and give you the added benefit of being wrapped in warmth after you shower or bath.  Air polluntants can be reduced by not having VOC finishes,  and not using cabinetry that contains formaldehyde.  An induction cooktop will also help to  reduce air pollutants. When buying upholstered furniture or recovering your existing pieces opt in on using eco friendly upholstery fabrics, that do not contain chemical finishes.

Photo:  Courtesy of  The Wool Bed Company

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