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One of the services BERKSHIRE COUNTRY HOMES REAL ESTATE, offers is a staging consultation when listing a HOME FOR SALE IN THE BERKSHIRES. The kitchen is not only the heart of the house, it is also the room that will help the seller get top dollar for their home. The reason is that most homebuyers will be willing to pay more for a home that doesn’t need any major work.  The kitchen Is probably the most expensive room for the potential homebuyer to update. So, when they see a lot of outdated appliances, cabinetry and flooring, in their minds’ eye they begin to take the potential costs off what they would be willing to pay for the property.  On the other hand, it is also the room that if updated will give the most return on investment. It is proven that an updated kitchen gets a house sold not only for more money but also more quickly.

At BERKSHIRE COUNTRY HOMES REAL ESTATE we know, the way in which people live, and entertain has changed over the decades.The kitchen is no longer just for food preparation.  The kitchens role has been expanded and is now a place where families entertain. This casual entertaining trend has been enhanced by the current rage for large kitchen islands which have become the ideal spot for sharing a drink and hors d’oeuvres, and are now replacing the more formal buffet for larger gatherings. In addition the current trend for open floor plans has automatically made the kitchen a place where you can watch TV, as well as have a corner for bill paying, or even a home/office.  The kitchen’s expanded role has truly made it the hub of family activity.

In looking to appeal to the dreams of the home buyer we like to take into consideration what they would love to see in a kitchen.In most general terms they are looking for a kitchen that is spacious, bright, updated, neutral and clean. With an unquestionable emphasis on clean. In order to fulfill some of the move-in ready desires of the home buyer, we like to suggest that the homeowner will do repairs and replacements of broken and rundown components that are showing their age. Because the kitchen is such an important feature of the house, this article is broken down into components. The first being countertops, where we pay special attention

In a kitchen the countertop is probably the most important feature of the room. It has been said by many an expert that if you can only do one thing in your home it would be to consider replacing worn or outdated countertops.  It has been proven that this change creates the biggest impact in terms of both appearance and purchase price.

The best case scenario is that the countertops are of a neutral color and are in good condition. If they are not showing any excessive wear or stains, all one really needs to do is clean them. If they are laminate and the edge is coming off we simply glue and clamp.

On the other hand, if the color of a countertop screams of past decades best to consider replacement. We always  keep in mind the caliber of  a home. For example if most of the comparable homes in the neighborhood are featuring granite, stone, and corian, and it is within our clients budget and they want to be at the same quality level then these should be the materials to conside.. If a countertop is tile and the tiles are chipped or cracked we like to suggest replacing with matching ones, if the grout is stained or uneven we consider giving it a lift by taking up the tiles and replacing them with new ones and choose a new grout color close to the shade of the tile. All of these options create the updated look that the homebuyer is looking for.

Floors, Walls and Appliances will be covered in another blog.

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