Laundry Rooms Climb Out of The Basement

According to The National Assoication of Homebuilders out of the 10 most requested features laundry rooms are # 2 right behind large walk in closets in the master bedroom.

How things have changed over the decades, years ago a laundry room was nothing more then a washer and dryer in the basement.

Today’s homebuyer will spend time designing their laundry rooms with lots of cabinets, shelving, granite countertops, and undermount sinks.

The statistics also show that a person spends 6 hours a week doing laundry, therefore adding space and style to functionality is fast becoming a growing trend.  Most home buyers are requesting laundry rooms to be on the main level close to family activities.

a load of laundry can be done quickly while one is doing other chores or watching television. It also makes it easier for others to pitch in.